Referral Network

When working with the APR Referral Network (APRRN), you gain access to our wide network of referral agents, real estate professionals who uphold APR’s level of business professionalism and client care. APRRN is an independent entity that provides those with active real estate licenses a way to engage in real estate referrals and stay active in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join?

  • If you have a real estate license in California simply transfer your license to APRRN.
  • If your license is inactive in California you can activate it to APRRN.
  • If you are new to real estate, and are just getting your license in California you may do so with APRRN.

What are the benefits of becoming an APRRN associate?

  • Low Cost: Because we are not associated with the national, state or local associations of REALTORS®, there are no REALTORS® association or multiple listing service fees. You also do not have to pay for errors and omissions insurance. You only pay minimal annual dues to APRRN.
  • License Status: Affiliation with APRRN keeps your license active so you can be paid finder’s fees. If you subsequently decide to go into real estate sales, all you need to do is transfer your license.
  • Income: You can establish a lucrative business simply by referring friends, family and acquaintances with real estate needs.
  • Work Required: You only have to get the basic contact information from the client and submit it to us. We do the rest.

Do I have to go to an office or keep regular office hours?

No. You will be dealing with APR Referral Network, Inc. by telephone, e-mail, or fax. You will determine when you work. It could be while vacationing, visiting friends or relatives; wherever you happen to be when someone tells you that they would like to purchase or sell real estate or they know of someone with a real estate need. You ask some questions and call and register your referral with APRRN. We do the rest.

What type of properties can I refer?

Residential real estate anywhere in the United States.

What do I say to a potential buyer or seller?

Find out if they plan to buy or sell real estate. If yes, explain that you are a Referral Associate and would like to have a full-time real estate sales professional contact them to provide the services they are looking for. All you need is the name, address, phone number, some basic information about their real estate needs, and the best time to be contacted. There are many opportunities to get two referrals from one contact. If they are planning to sell a house – would they like assistance looking for a home to buy? If they are planning to buy a home – do they have a home to sell?

Can I request a certain Sales Associate?

Yes. You may request that a client be assigned to a designated real estate sales professional provided the real estate sales professional you name can best serve the customer’s needs, but the final placement decision will be at the discretion of APRRN.

Can I call the Sales Associate direct?

Yes, as long as you first call APRRN to register the referral. APRRN will send the appropriate paperwork to the real estate sales professional, network broker, and the referred prospect.

How much can I make as an active member of APRRN?

Your earnings will be based on the number of successful closings your referrals generate. You receive a 20% finder’s fee off of the top of the referred side of the commission.

Are taxes deducted from earnings?

No. At the end of the year you will receive a 1099 to report your earnings. Consult your tax advisor on how to handle quarterly or year-end taxes.

How do I renew my real estate license when it comes due?

You will receive notification from the California Department of Real Estate with instructions at the appropriate time.

Who do I contact if I have a question?

Your contact is Emilia Silva. She can be reached at 866-468-0333 or Her mailing address is 2430 Camino Ramon, Suite 124, San Ramon, CA 94583.