The Stewarts





    I began my real estate career in 1973.  Since then, I have sold everything from homes and medical buildings to shopping centers. I formed investment syndications and spent five years as a real estate loan consultant for two of California’s largest lending institutions.  In 1990 I began to place greater emphasis on residential real estate, (although I continue to handle investment properties as well), dedicating myself to the ideals of personalized service and professionalism.  I have received many awards over the years for “production” but what I am most proud of, and grateful for, is the fact that nearly 100% of our clients are referred by past clients.




   While selling real estate is a second career to me, serving people in need, is not. In 25 years as a nurse, I developed listening skills vital to understanding my client’s needs.


   I am an action person; focus on long and short term planning—with results. Through my connections as an active 36 year Marin resident and mother to our three sons, and grandmother to our four granddaughters, I have developed a strong connection to the community which will benefit my clients whether they are selling or buying a home.




   I joined the Stewart Team in 2002.  I quickly gained confidence and understanding of the market.  I work closely with my father who has been in the real estate business since 1972 and mother since 1995.  We work a referral only business and devote ourselves to serving the needs of our clients before, during, and after each transaction.  Working exclusively by referral, which means not going out prospecting for new business. We serve our current clients at a high level, where they could feel comfortable referring us after we have worked with them.  In any market it's important to have a professional looking out for your best interest. We work together as a team, with an assistant as our back office support.  We have systems in place where we are intentionally focused and serve all at a high level.  Working closely with each other throughout both the buying and selling process provides excellent transactional outcomes for our clients.  




My main focus is The Stewarts escrow coordinator.  I also contribute back office support for various other team duties.


I especially enjoy the opportunity to meet and serve our clients.