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However you got here, thanks for stopping . Contemplating something? If it’s a move, no matter how imminent or how remote, step in. You aren’t asked to log in, sign in, sign up... This is meant to be a resource  for questions, no matter how distant you feel your move might be. My position is Marin County Operations Manager--a shepherd of sort--for residential real estate agents. I don’t sell houses myself. I counsel agents and help them navigate through their clients' transactions with negotiating strategies or perspectives on transactional speed bumps. If you are contemplating a move (or not)--or if you are an agent in search a different paradigm (or not)--feel free to poke around here and to contact me with whatever questions arise. First you may want to try some of my locally grown, free-range links..


Direct: 415.755.1111 | License #: 00921785 |