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Craig Silvestri

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First Question

What brings you here? Is it the dawning of curiosity about a real estate purchase or the sale of your existing property? Are you here because you don't know quite where to start? Or perhaps you've been in the market as a buyer or a seller for a while, and you wonder why it's not happening for you. Maybe you are an agent searching for the right combination of catalysts to take you to the next level.
If you have a clear picture of why you are here, perhaps I can help you get from where you are to where you want to be.
I no longer sell property myself. I manage and counsel agents. I also I refer potential buyers and sellers to the best agent for their particular needs--an "eMatchmaker" of sorts. And I answer a lot of questions along the way.
If I can help you with any of your questions. Click on the CONTACT ME tab, and let fly.
Direct: 415.755.1111 | License #: 00921785 |