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Craig Silvestri

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Well into my third decade of shepherding people through transition in real estate transactions--first as a real estate agent, starting in 1986, then as a manager of real estate agents, starting in 1995--I am still learning something new every day. Many times I’m asked, “What is the rule of thumb on this question?” The response is always the same. The only rules are those dictated by statutes, regulations, and ethics. The rest of the activity in this profession is driven by situation. Every situation, and every individual, has its own distinct characteristics and nuances. The best rule of thumb is to look at what is in front of us, the unique attributes of the situation, and their interplay, then act accordingly with the client’s best interest as the ultimate objective. It’s worked well, and that’s exhilarating.


Direct: 415.755.1111 | License #: 00921785 |