Client Endorsement

Ned helped my family buy a home in Silicon Valley during a very difficult seller's market.  Choosing a real estate agent was a difficult process for us, and the most important qualities to us were trustworthiness and patience.  

Ned brought these qualities to the table and more - including an exemplary work ethic and deep knowledge of neighborhoods and school quality.  We are very satisfied with the way he represented us through several months of making offers that culminated in our recent purchase of a home in the Los Altos Elementary School District.  

We were searching for a house in an established school district that was move-in ready, close to major employers, not on a busy street, and within our price range.  Homes meeting these criteria were very difficult to find when we were looking and always had multiple offers.  Ned was always willing to go the extra mile for us, making personal presentations of our offers and working in showings with our busy work schedules. 

Ultimately, his persistence and hard work paid off and we bought a house in one of our first choice locations.  We looked at more than fifty houses, focusing on the Menlo Park Las Lomitas school district and Los Altos School District.  Ned was very knowledgeable about these areas and the schools.

Choosing an agent was a hugely important decision.  We firmly believe many lesser agents would have tried to railroad us into another neighborhood with more inventory, or to overpay.  Ned stood by us through a long and difficult process.  I would highly recommend Ned to anyone who is looking for a dedicated real estate agent in the Silicon Valley area.

J.H., Mountain View

As a first time home buyer, it was my good fortune to hire Ned Moritz as my agent.  With Ned’s guidance, I had confidence in every step of the buying process.

Everything about my first home purchase was extraordinary.  In the hot market of Palo Alto, Ned matched me with the motivated seller of a property we previewed off the market.  Not only did we win the bid at below the ask price, we won it with the minimum of headaches and stress.

Not every buyer in a seller’s market will have such good luck, but one thing I’m sure about is Ned Moritz.  With Ned Moritz’s professionalism and wisdom, you will be sure to maximize your chances to a happy outcome.

E.W., Palo Alto     April, 2014

Ned Moritz was the agent for selling our rental house in East Palo Alto.  He was professional in the process and made it a very positive experience for us.  Ned directed us through the complex process in a very orderly and efficient manner  He is very knowledgable about all the regulations, disclosure statements, the reams of paperwork required and all the many pages of documents that need to be signed and initialed.  He was very good at guiding us through the process and insuring that we had all the information we needed to know for each step.  Ned allowed us to make all the decisionsafter he very adequately explained our

We would not hesitate to have Ned Moritz handle any of our future real estate transactions  It was a pleasure doing business with him.

LM & JM, Menlo Park


This is a letter endorsing Edward “Ned” Moritz, a Realtor with Alain Pinel Realtors in Menlo Park, CA. 

Ned recently provided us key metrics and advice in the private sale of our house. His input was professional, crucial and correct. He then helped us in our next step, finding and formulating a successful purchase offer for a house that fits our needs perfectly. This was not an easy task in an extremely competitive market in and around Menlo Park, CA.

Throughout this process we were impressed with Ned’s understanding of the intricate details of real estate documents and his ability to communicate these details in clear, concise terms. He took care of our interests from start to finish, informing us of our options in each step of this daunting process. Looking back, it could not have gone more smoothly. He made it easy.

If you are planning to either sell or buy residential real estate in the Mid-Peninsula you would do well to have Ned as your agent and guide to complete a successful transaction.

R.S. & M.S., Menlo Park    June, 2014



If you are in the process of selecting a Realtor to represent you, whether buying or selling in The Mid-Peninsula of the Silicon Valley, I strongly recommend Edward “Ned” Moritz.

I have known Ned for over 25 years, sharing corporate careers in the transportation and logistics industry.  Ned has seamlessly transferred his extensive skills as a sales and marketing executive to the residential real estate market.  He is meticulous about the details, has a keen grasp of the market dynamics, listens attentively to his clients, and formulates a winning strategy for execution.

When it came time for my wife and I to downsize and sell our residence in Los Altos, it was never a question that Ned would partner with us. He immediately scheduled the inspections, streamlined the blizzard of documentation and disclosure reports, and strategized a target list price based on our desired outcome and an accurate assessment of prevailing market conditions. Bottom line, we achieved our cash-out target In our scheduled time frame.

Ned’s also guided us through all the international hurdles accompanying our buyers from Mainland China. He established timelines and milestones relative to confirmation of buyer’s liquidity, verification of funding in U.S. financial institutions, buyer’s mortgage approval, and ultimately the closing of the transaction. Ned also kept in close touch with the buyer’s Realtor to assure the timely completion of all documentation, sign-offs, contingency clearances, and rent back agreements.  Post-close, Ned continued to assist the buyers in answering questions and providing feedback about the particulars of our house.

In summary, Ned navigated a complex international transaction in excess of $3 million dollars involving foreign currencies, numerous milestones to be satisfied, and language clarifications in a thorough and conscientious manner. Both buyers and sellers were extremely satisfied with the final outcome, which is the hallmark of an outstanding sales and marketing executive.

We highly recommend Ned Moritz as a Realtor of the utmost integrity and professionalism and one to partner with when contemplating a residential real estate decision.

K.S. & G.S.

Los Altos, California   July, 2014


I met Edward “Ned” Moritz, an Alain Pinel realtor, at an open house in Menlo Park in 2014. I was just starting to contemplate settling in the Stanford area, and in fact subsequently took an overseas assignment and left the area for a year.

But Ned kept in touch with frequent updates, and when I returned, he gave me an excellent reorientation to the area. It was daunting that prices had skyrocketed in the interim, and I was discouraged to find how little my budget brought me in the close-to-Stanford areas I wanted to live in.

Over six months, I looked at a lot of properties. It was very difficult for me to define my priorities once I saw how low the inventory was in my price range.   I worked through a lot of scenarios and possibilities. Throughout, I appreciated Ned’s perspective as someone who knows the communities extremely well and has deep ties there, and also understands the challenges facing a newcomer. He was objective, low-key, and insightful in the advice he offered. 

I appreciate Ned’s approach, seeking to help me think through the process rather than pushing me in one direction or another. He was always reachable, researched and gave me quick but always well-founded insights on my many questions, and was a pleasure to work with. Most of all, I never doubted his deep integrity.

I will recommend Ned Moritz to others seeking to buy in the very challenging mid-Peninsula area, for his experience, honesty, and patience. I am grateful to him for his support in helping me find a house that suits me very well in Redwood City, and then supporting me through the offer and closing process.


Stanford, California    February, 2016