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Burlingame was once advertised as “San Francisco’s Sunshine Suburb” because of its temperate climate. Sheltered by hills from strong winds and heavy fogs, the city has temperatures ranging from a low of 54 degrees to a high of 82 degrees in July and a low of 39 degrees and a high of 57 degrees in January. A light jacket is sufficient most of the year; a medium-weight weatherproof coat is adequate protection year-round.Eighty percent of the average annual rainfall (about 20 inches) falls between November and March, leaving the weather so good during the rest of the year that local weather forecasters form support groups to cope with boredom. Golfers are on the links even in the winter months, since there are many clear, cool days between the wet spells. 

The City of Burlingame has many beautiful hotels along the San Francisco Bayfront and is a significant vacation spot for people wishing to visit the San Francisco Bay Area.
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