Kellie Kemp

Client Testimonials

I met Kellie when moving was no more than an idea I was toying with. We got to know each other and over the next year or so she helped shape my dream and plan for a change that meant more to me than a new home; it was a lifestyle change I was looking for. When we did finally list the house, Kellie handled all the details beautifully with a perfect blend of friendship and professionalism. Thanks to her diligence the transactions went off without a hitch. Changing homes can be so stressful. There were more than a few times that Kellie had to talk me down. She was very patient with me and helped me stay focused on the end goal. Once the house was sold we focused on the new purchase. Thanks to Kellie, I'm now settling into a wonderful place that is exactly what I was looking for. Working with Kellie was a real pleasure. I'll definitely work with her again and highly recommend her services.

Margaret Brown

Kellie and I have worked together for the last year. We have common clients between us. On numerous instances our shared clients have commented on her professionalism and abilities. I have enjoyed her insight into the market as a whole, and just enjoy her as a person. She's bright and knowledgeable. I heartily recommend her to anyone interested in the real estate market.

Andrew Chatham

Regarding the sale of our home:Kellie helped us set a price that resulted in a full price as-is sale in 3 days. Her team of stagers, painters and landscaper helped transform our home into a showcase. Not only did the home sell in 3 days, it closed without a hitch in two weeks. I cannot sing Kellie's praises enough.She met with us, walked us through what was going to happen and when. She then brought in her home stager and the two of them helped us get very excited about the possibilities of getting this home sold at a great price. We did, and it was a great experience.

Bryan and Marie Grady

I worked with Kellie on my most recent home sale in Mountain View. As a first time homeowner, I was nervous about the selling process as everyone has heard the horror stories about realtors. She restored my faith in everything! Kellie was fantastic because she was honest, truly cared, and most importantly, took her time to explain everything to me. She worked with me through every detail and since I was new to this process, she guided me through which steps were the most important and which steps could be worried about later. She referred me to reliable inspectors, house stagers, title companies and contractors. In addition, she made the appointments for me and took care of all the work. She created a website for our home and it was beautiful. It was easy to talk to her and tell her how I felt, which was of importance to her. At every step in the process, she made sure I felt comfortable with the prices and needs. With all of her help and suggestions, we were able to get a great offer within a week of the house being on the market! I would recommend her to any and everyone. All the paperwork was well prepared and on time. The entire process was smooth and took little time out of my regular schedule. Kellie is a great realtor because she is honest and can be taken at face value.

Angela Kung

Without a hesitation we would recommend Kellie Kemp to anyone! Kellie has a fantastic personality that makes it easy to break through the initial hesitation. She makes her client's needs her topmost priority and treats them with warm and utmost care. She is always on top of things and is forthright. Kellie provided valuable input and mature advice while never imposing or pressurizing us to make decisions when we were not comfortable. She is extremely thorough in her work and made the whole transaction smooth for us. We wholeheartedly endorse her work and will look forward to her help with our future real estate endeavors.

Pari Ambatkar and Pallavi Gadepalli

We met Kellie via a referral and she held up to every compliment our friend gave of her. She is a very professional realtor that prioritizes her customers' needs as primary. We had a difficult time negotiating and realizing our home purchase because of the home developer. Kellie went beyond our expectations and diligently followed up with the developer so that we could get everything we wanted and expected. If it weren't for Kellie, we would not have gotten the home that we wanted and we would have paid a lot more for it. Kellie helped us to buy a "home" instead of a place with her warm and easy-going personality, her relentless drive and knowledge, and her exceptionally strong negotiation and people skills. We recommend Kellie whole-heartedly and more than as our realtor, we also consider her a friend.

Biniam and Sarah Debrezion