Who Pays For What?

Who pays for what in a real estate transaction varies from city to city. Most fees are negotiable, but often customs develop and become expectations. Here are the customary fees and expenses in Alameda County:

Buyer Pays
County Transfer Tax 50% in the City of Alameda only, buyer pays 0% in all other cities
City Transfer Tax 50%, other half paid by seller
Home Inspection
Loan Origination Fees
Credit Report
Appraisal Fee
Escrow Fees
Title Fees (owner's & lender's title insurance)
Notary Fees
Prorated Property Taxes (from date of purchase to end of tax period)

Seller Pays
County Transfer Tax 100%, in the city of Alameda the seller pays 50%
City Transfer Tax 50%, other half paid by buyer 
Pest Inspection
Pest Repairs (Section 1 items)
Notary Fees
Transfer Fees
Reconveyance Fee
All Loan Balances secured by the property
Prorated Property Taxes (from beginning of tax period to close of escrow)
Real Estate Commissions