Mark Wong


Client Testimonials

We want to express our sincere & deep appreciation of your efforts in buying our property in West San Jose and selling our property in Sunnyvale.  You have excellent professional knowledge, negotiation skills and most importantly – a willingness to listen to us and communicate with us clearly.  You not only returned our calls and emails promptly, but the returned calls and messages contained answers to our questions!!

When we met you during an open house that you were hosting, your professionalism and courtesy impressed us so much that we decided then and there itself that you will be our agent.  You took us during weekdays and weekends to many open houses – slowly getting a better understanding of our needs, narrowing the choices and helping us pick our new home.   We also like the way you followed up with us after the sale to ensure that things were in order, and took extra time to ensure that some of the minor items got fixed.

During the sale of our property, we liked the way you presented the property, including helping us with the remodeling and finally the sale itself – picking the right buyer, negotiating a fair deal for both parties and closing it on time.  

Overall, we are very happy that we picked you to be our real estate agent.  You worked hard in helping us purchase our ideal home & sell the old one.  I would highly recommend you to our friends and colleagues who are in the real estate market.

Once again, thanks and wish you continued success in your professional career,

Ramkumar Subramanian & Jayashree Ramachandran

We would like to express our greatest appreciation for your help and service during our ten-month long house hunting journey.  Buying a house is no simple task and it can get very stressful at times but your professional service has made it a pleasant experience for us.

From the beginning, we had some really special housing needs.  We want to find a house with a separate in-law living unit in a good school district.   Within two days since we approached you, you showed us a great duplex property in Cupertino.  It matched almost all of our search criteria.  You quickly helped us to write an offer which was accepted by the seller during the same week.  While we were celebrating in the following week, some personal matters emerged in our family that prevented us from proceeding with the transaction.  Instead of complaining about the loss of the deal, you patiently guided us to cancel the contract and negotiate with the seller.  We thought we would have to forfeit all our deposit but at the end you succeeded to get back a major portion of the deposit.  It was like an emotional roller-coaster.  We were very grateful for your sincere help throughout the process.

A few months later, our family issue was resolved and we once again started looking for a house.   Our search criteria remained the same and it was still difficult to find our ideal home.  You have shown us many properties ranging from duplexes to single family homes with attached or detached cottages.  Once you entered a home, you immediately tried to come up with a remodeled floor plan that would fit our special needs.  We were amazed at your creativity and imagination.  After several months and going through two dozen of houses, we finally found a property in Sunnyvale that we would like to call home.  By the time we looked at the house on a Saturday, the seller was already considering another offer presented the day before.  Your expertise and quick reaction gave us a small window of opportunity to present our offer and ultimately win the nod from the seller.  Everything was done within 24 hours and any delay along the way would have cost us this house. 

We will be moving into our new home in a few weeks and it is a true blessing to our families.   We would like to thank  you once again for making this happen.  It will be our pleasure to recommend you to our friends and families when they seek professional real-estate service.

Yours sincerely,
Thomas and Rebecca Ho

Every time when I come home for supper, I always feel being blessed. Of course, it is no doubt that God in His grace has granted Mrs. Poon and 1 a condominium that is so suitable for our needs. The condo gives me a home feeling that is something I missed since coming to United States. As we enjoy our new home and counting the Lord's blessings, we also would like to express our deepest appreciation to you.

With your high professional knowledge of the local market and your empathetic understanding of the needs of your clients, you guided us through the whole transaction of searching, viewing, negotiating, and sustaining the property with diligence and honesty. On top of your duty as our agent, you also helped us to secure a lender. Your caring concern extended even to the cleaning of the carpets and fixing the dishwasher.

Once again, we would like to give thanks to God and to you as well for your high quality service. With no reservation we will heartily recommend you to all those church members who would need your services.

Blessings in Christ,

Rev. David Poon and Mrs. Catherine Poon

Buying and selling a house is one of the most stressful things in life. Not to mention that they are the most expensive single purchase for most people. Hiring the right Realtor can really make a big difference. We felt so blessed to have you helped us selling our house. This house had been our primary residence for more than 10 years. This was the place where we raised all our kids There was a lot of good memories and emotions attached to it.

With your professional knowledge and experience, you guided us through the whole transaction painlessly and effortlessly. Not only you educated us about the staging of our house before the sale, you provided us a lot of support and resources during our move. You are extremely thorough, patient, proactive, and always care to our needs. Due to your extensive knowledge of the local housing market coupled with excellent unique marketing strategy, you were able to sell our house in 6 days and attracted 11 offers. We were overjoyed to learn that it was sold more than 12% over the listing price in AS-IS condition. Moreover, you even got us 30 days FREE rent back with your super negotiation skills. You are really a Pro.
Once again, we would like to thank you for all your outstanding services you have provided to us. We definitely will recommend you to any of our friends and relatives when it comes to real estates.

Sincerely yours,
Ken & Margorie Tang

We just wanted to express my whole-heartedly appreciation for your professional knowledge, excellent negotiation skills, and supreme services which well demonstrated in the whole transaction. You made our buying experience both enjoyable and memorable.
During the July 4th weekend, We called your office inquiring a property in Saratoga. You told me that particular property was already in contract. Yet, you graciously offered to show us similar properties in the surrounding areas. Our whole family showed up in your office an hour later and was greeted with a complete Buyer’s Tour Package with our names customized in every single page. We were thrilled and deeply impressed with your efficiency in a professional manner.

All the properties you showed us that day matched perfectly with our searching criteria. We immediately knew that we found the right realtor as you really “listened” and read our mind. We started to wonder why our previous agent never showed us any of these houses in the past several months. On the fourth house, we were very excited as we thought we just found our dream home. You presented the offer and got us accepted the very same day. Wow! We were overjoyed and speechless.
The next thing for you was to find us a loan despite our challenges - limited cash down payment, self-employed, average credit score, and had a lien on the State Tax. You put us in touch with your in-house lender, David Stacy from Wells Fargo Bank right away. Once in David’s hand, he was just like a master guiding us through all those complicated application, paperwork, terms and conditions of different loan packages. David was able to get us a 100% financing with $0 down in a record time. The loan document was drawn on Thursday, signed at Title on Friday, and closed right after that. It was amazing!

All in all, we feel we were really lucky to have your real estate team going that extra mile to help us accomplish one of my American Dreams. I would highly recommend your team to any of potential buyers and sellers for any of their real estate needs. Once again, thank you and wishing you a continuous success.

Sincerely yours,

Victor & Narda Saravia