I pride myself in developing long term relationships with my clients. The best results I can hope for after a transaction is that you would be happy to refer me to any of your friends or relatives if they wanted to buy a home. I will work hard to insure that you to feel that I put your needs and priorities above all before, during and after the transaction.
Following are the most important steps I want to walk a buyer through as I help them find the right home. While much of this might seem basic, it is shocking that many agents don’t take enough time to go through each of these steps to be sure that you are comfortable with your decisions every step of the way.
1.  Evaluate buyer’s needs and wants in their new home.
2.  Discuss the home purchase process, time frames, responsibilities, local customs and costs.
3.  Find out how much home buyers can afford and most importantly are comfortable with.
4.  Review neighborhoods and areas based on affordability and matching desired home criteria.
5.  Screen available homes to insure maximum time efficiency during the home search process.
6.  Show appropriate homes based on pre-established criteria and time availability.
7.  Continue to monitor and screen new homes as they come on the market.
8.  Narrow down home search process to buyer’s top choices.
9.  Review pros and cons of each home and assist to prioritize them.
10. Determine a multi-faceted negotiation strategy for each home that an offer will be made on.
11. Guide client through the contract, due diligence, loan approval and closing process.
12. Assist as needed after the closing and move in process.
In addition to these twelve points, the true value I provide to a buyer is being their trusted advisor, skilled negotiator and expert facilitator. 
You won’t be sorry you put your trust in me!
Ray Kozak