Buyers and sellers aren't the only ones that need assistance finding a home.  Renters often have challenges finding a home or apartment that suites their needs.  The Bay Area is a complex area.  Rental rates, commute times, neighborhoods and amenities change dramatically from area to area.  This is where the assistance of a professional can help. 
I have extensive experience helping transferred executives find rental homes throughout the Bay Area.  I have assisted people throughout the East Bay, South Bay, Peninsula and San Francisco find suitable rentals. 
Rental tours are typically 4-6 hours in length.  This includes viewing selected properties and getting an overview of the community.  Extensive research is done ahead of time to insure only properties that meet your needs are included on the tour.  An itinerary is provided with property information, contact information, amenities and cost of the various rental properties that have been selected.  The cost of the rental tour is typically reimbursed or covered by the employer.
Please contact me with questions or to get started.
Ray Kozak