Client Testimonials

Sally is an excellent agent for first time home buyers like us.  She communicated the home buying process very clearly and stayed late on weekdays to explain details about the contract.  Without Sally it would not have been possible for us to have acted so quickly toward the purchase of our home.  She helped keep us on track when issues with the lender, title, and the seller arose during closing.  Even after we had completed the transaction, Sally went beyond the call of duty to help get our deposit back from the home warranty when we discovered a leak the home inspector missed.  I would definitely recommend Sally as an agent to anyone who is looking to purchase real estate in Alameda!
Michael Sung



Thank you for being the incredible person that you are and helping us find a house!  We appreciate you very much and just want you to know that.  Because of you the "process" was painless and seamless and we were able to trust you totally!  Thanks again for your professionalism, efficiency and humanness.

Warm Regards,

The Brown Family


Dear Sally,

Noah and I want to thank you for your assistance in the sale of our Alameda home.  We know that our situation presented unique challenges, such as the need to sell during difficult market conditions, a very quick relocation to Washington and the impending arrival of our twin babies which added pressure to close quickly.  However, we felt that you handled these and other potential obstacles in stride which in turn helped us to stay calm during what could have been a very stressful time. 


From our first point of contact through to our – on time! – closing date, you communicated with us often and in a way where we always felt updated but never inundated.  To us, you presented a nice balance between providing information/opinions while still letting us make up our own minds.  This showed through from the pricing of our house to later consideration of counter offers, etc.  Similarly, Noah and I felt that you offered a great mix of a firm hand when needed – such as when dealing with an inexperienced buyers’ agent – and a soft touch.  During the thick of things, when we were juggling lapsed contingency removal with the option to consider other offers, we saw your stellar negotiation skills in action.  Throughout the process, it was very clear that you were amply plugged-in in the Alameda market to ensure that we were in-the-know about what was happening at all times. 


Overall, Sally, we just flat out enjoyed working with you and will definitely recommend you to others who are looking to buy or sell in the area.  You did what was asked of you and much more, making us feel secure to leave and confident that you were handling things back in Alameda.  And beyond that, for me personally, you often offered comic relief about a process that could have pushed my extremely pregnant self over the edge. 


Thank you again Sally for your commitment to getting our home sold for a comfortable price in a very timely manner.  We hope you’ll keep in touch and we will do the same. 


Best regards,


Molly & Noah



Sally Han exemplifies what an excellent real-estate agent is all about.  She's incredibly personable, knowledgeable, prepared, professional and, most of all, dedicated to representing her clients and guiding them to and through the best and most rewarding business transaction possible.  From the very start, Sally presents herself and her capabilities tremendously well, and you know you're in great hands.  She listens to her clients' needs and is prepared to take the time and make the extra effort to meet them.


As buyers, she was committed to finding us the property that best fit our needs -- and to being honest about properties we might have loved but that she knew (correctly) wouldn't quite be right for us.  It took time, but Sally helped us find the perfect home -- and to make the perfect offer.  Sally doesn't stop working, quite literally -- she'll be there for you whenever you need her, and she takes pains to do things other agents won't bother with, such as helping you through the loan approvals, finding the right vendors/contractors, and going to inspections when you can't.  And you can be certain Sally will communicate every bit of pertinent information to you in a way that's understandable and complete -- there is no question Sally won't answer or find the answer to!


Our transaction was hardly smooth sailing, but Sally was there every step of the way -- and when we got exhausted and overwhelmed, Sally didn't.  We honestly would never have been able to make it through the complex, often stressful, ultimately rewarding process of buying a home without Sally Han.


Every real-estate agent should be like Sally!  But since they're not, all we can say is make sure she's YOUR agent!


-John Singh


From Trustee Seller


Hi Sally:  

I wanted to write and tell you how much I appreciate your hard work and dedication. It was great working with you. You did a fantastic job and I'm so glad I found you. Thank you so much for everything. Getting rid of that house is a big load off my shoulders and I am very grateful to you for helping us find the right buyers. 


Take care, Linda


Dear Sally:


You've done it again.


Once again, you have exceeded my expectations and helped me obtain a top price for my home.  After helping me sell my previous home in a very strong Alameda Real Estate market at the beginning of 2005, you have helped me attract a strong offer, at our asking price, in the midst of the current soft market.  Bravo!


When I approached you to help us with the sale of our house in late October 2006, you immediately started coordinating the resources that you thought we would need because the market had changed dramatically since our last transaction.  Your coordination of the painter, your staging expertise and resources, and your attention to detail on your "punch list" made all of the difference in the world, and the place showed beautifully.  When I showed your marketing materials and website to my colleagues and family, none of them could believe that it was my home.  They all said, "Sam, how did you guys move into a Pottery Barn Catalog?"  Your coordination of all resources, including marketing, was a game-changer for me.


You also set expectations appropriately throughout the process, and gave me plenty of information on "comps" and what would be important to a likely buyer. 


Your management of the process, from preparation to staging to negotiation to sale, was masterful.  Behind your cheery "Sally the Realtor" demeanor is a shrewd businessperson who thinks several steps ahead and ensures that your client always gets the best deal.  Based on my limited interaction with the counterparties, I am certain that they, too, appreciate your integrity, communication and professionalism.


Sally, I am a repeat customer of yours because of your level of service, communication style and frequency, and market knowledge.  I realize that Alameda is a competitive market for Real Estate brokers, and I could have hired another agent and paid a lesser fee.  I consider the full commission that I paid you on both of my home sales to be a bargain, because you have proven time and time again that you will go "above and beyond" for your clients.


By far, the most important decision that a home seller can make is to hire the right agent.  I would wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone.  In fact, if anyone has any questions, please have them contact me at


Warm Regards,


Sam Featherstone

Repeat Sally Han customer



Thank you, once again! Thank you for all your sincere efforts. Your guidance, reassurance, and enthusiasm made what would be one of the hardest things to do in life, something that was palatable. You have our hard won respect and we will gladly write glowing recommendations for you. Take good care of yourself and your family. Please let us know if there is anything you need from us.


Kay Cheung

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of reference for Sally R. Han.   I called on Sally late September of 2006 to list my Tri-plex in Alameda and also represent me in the purchase of a replacement home.  My goal was to have my house on the market by the first week of October and purchase a replacement property before the New Year.  It was a tall order in a decidedly difficult market.  Sally was a consummate professional always helping to set and manage expectations and emotions appropriately.  This was a tall order at times!!  It all worked out great.  Sally ushered the sale of my Tri-plex through to completion and found an absolutely PERFECT!! replacement property.  I feel like I am on vacation every day in the picturesque setting of my new home.  Sally also made sure to stick close by throughout the entire period that I was moving from one residence to the other.  It was truly a delight to work with her.   She followed through on all her promises and did an exceptional job with both transactions.  If you want to make it happen . . . choose Sally R. Han.   She’s great!



                                                                                                Cheryl L. Jones


Dear Sally:

After interviewing several Real Estate Agents specializing in the Alameda residential real estate market, my wife and I selected you and your Firm to sell our home.  We felt that the marketing approach you presented represented the best solution to marketing and selling the house.  You convinced us that staging our house to help the buyer visualize the size and all the usable space was important to showcase the value of the house.  You also took the time to identify things we needed to change before we even made the decision to engage your Firm.  We especially appreciated how you worked with us and the stagers to get everything done on a timely basis.

Sally, my wife and I both agree that you are a complete real estate professional.  Right before we determined our selling price, you researched the market and showed us the current inventory of homes for sale - houses that potential buyers would be viewing as alternative choices.  You gave us good advice but also listened to our needs.  The entire process, from signing contracts, the open house, setting up the visual tour, dealing with the inspectors and managing the multiple offer process, was handled very professionally.

Most importantly, the results speak for themselves - the house sold within five days well above asking price!  We were thrilled with the entire experience and would recommend you to anyone contemplating selling their home in this market.

Very truly your,

John R. Jeffords


Thank you for your exceptional customer service.  You certainly went above and beyond for me and for that, I will be forever grateful.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Always, Janine Lee


Dear Sally:

On behalf of my entire family, thank you for your attention to detail, professionalism, project management efforts, and communication throughout the process of selling our home and buying a larger one for my growing family. You did a terrific job for us.

Before I reached out to you to help with the process, my impression of real estate professionals was marginal, at best. I didn't think that using a real estate professional would add much value to the process, and seriously contemplated trying to sell our home myself. I was wrong, and I'm glad that we decided to work with you.

We made the decision to work with you based on your integrity, sterling reputation, work ethic, and listening skills. I can say without reservation that you far exceeded my expectations, and that you have singlehandedly changed my view of your profession.

To call you a realtor does not do you justice. I would characterize you as more of a project manager. As you know, I work extremely long hours in a demanding position at a large financial services institution, and I like to spend my precious free time with my three small children. You were both responsive and efficient with my time -- you always had crucial documents and information available and you over-communicated throughout the entire process. You exceeded my expectations in all aspects of the project -- from staging the home, to marketing it through multiple channels in several markets, to negotiating the sale price and the purchase price of our new home. I can't thank you enough for your level of service and effort.

A note on staging: when you suggested that we stage the house, we were a bit skeptical. Staging the home in which you are living with three kids, aged 1 through 5, is not an easy thing to do. But I am enormously happy that we decided to allow you to utilize your staging resources for the sale. I am convinced that the seven offers we received and the final selling price of more than $50,000 over our offering price were a direct result of your staging resources, especially since you did all of this in just over two weeks!

Sally, thank you for all of your help with our recent real estate needs. You far exceeded our expectations, and you did a terrific job for us. Please tell anyone who is considering working with you to use me as a reference. It was a pleasure to work with you.

Best regards,

Sam Featherstone


From First Time Home Buyer

As first time houmebuyers looking for an affordable property in a highly desireable school district, we know we had our work cut out for us.    Then Sally Han found the perfect place for us, and moved quickly to present an offer that was accepted over seven other potential buyers.  Sally had found our needle in a haystack and we were amazed, thankful, and happy to be new homeowners!.

We were really impressed by Sally's ability to analyze our situation, determine the perfect plan of action, and get the desired results.  She handled everthing with such ease and confidence, and her warm personality helped us get through the unavoidable anxious moments with a minimum of stress. 

Rick Weber


To Marie Kane, Broker Kane & Associates Realty

I just wanted to thank you for hiring Sally Han.  She made both our home selling and home buying process enjoyable.  She was also the smiling face that made the anxiety and pain bearable.  She was responsive, professional, and informed.  She coached us and encouraged us to stretch ourselves beyond what we thought was possible and thanks to than we ended up with our new house!!!  Most importantly, she never made us feel like we were too demanding.

You've definitely got a star!!!

We looked at over one hundred homes during this process.  It was always refreshing to be greeted by a Kane Agent.  I wish you and Sally continued success!!!


Lori & Jim


From Listing Agent

Dear Sally,

It was a pleasure working with you.  Among the number of agents I work with on a daily basis, you have been the most professional.  I will keep your business card handy.  I would be happy to refer any of my clients looking to buy or sell in your area.

Best wishes and sucess in the new year.


Angela Martinez, Diablo Realty



When we found Sally we were in serious trouble.  Our home had been listed and was in contract to be sold and we had a contingent offer accepted to purchase our  retirement home.  Our buyers couldn't get their loan and the deal fell apart.  We had to withdraw our offer on our new property as well.  Then we found Sally.  In one week she came and re-listed our home, staged it beautifully and got us a higher price.  She then saved our retirement transaction as well by coordinating with the  other agent even though she wasn't representing us in that deal.  She went so far above and beyond what we could have expected.  We can't speak highly enough about her fantastic service and professionalism, and always with a smile.  We are so grateful!

Y.M. Shin