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Client Testimonials

"Buying and selling a house depends mostly on communication. Sue Bowie is one of the best listeners I have ever met in my life.  You can't ask for more than that when you combine it with her integrity and her equanimity."
Marc L., physician
"Thank you for making the sale of our condo look so easy and for all your advice throughout the buy and sell transactions.  We don't think we would have closed both without your help."
Bruce and Ora P., chef and accountant
"I am still in awe of your absolutely seamless handling of the sale of my home.  Your efforts made the esperience 'uneventful' and that is a tremendous relief indeed.  You were there for every transaction, house viewing, inspection.  Nothing was left to chance."
Kerry M., business owner
"Thank you so much for all that you did for us.  All the people you recommended were terrific and you did a wonderful job for us."
Will R., salesperson
"Thank you for the courtesy and business-like approach.  I would recommend you at anytime for a job well done.  Thank you."
Charles N., retired
"We remain grateful to you for your hard work, long hours of patience and unfailing professionalism.  We could not have gone ahead so confidently with the decision to sell, without our feeling of complete trust in your judgement."
Kathy V., landscaper and artist
"Throughout the entire process you;ve done an excellent job and we are very appreciative.  We especially appreciate the your special care that you giave us, your patience and your all the time and effort that you gave to our sale."
Audrey and Ben S., retired
"What a pleasure it was to work with you!  Not only are you very professional, you have a great personality!"
Cynthia F., designer
"I sold my property through the extraordinary efforts of Sue Bowie.  I cannot praise her enough for all the time and trouble she went through on my behalf."
Pete J., business manager
"Thank you so much for being such a good supportive friend and an excellent businesswoman while selling my house."
Betsy B., therapist and contractor
"Sue Bowie did an exceptional job in selling a house for me and I can recommend her very highly.  She is conscientious, meticulous about detail, very hard-working and most reliable."
Charlotte, physician
"Things seems to go so smoothly, but we know you had to work very hard.  We have enjoyed knowing you and our daily contacts.  You will be missed, but we hope to see you around."
Ilse G., retired
"Thank you for the extraordinary effort you mad in helping me purchase my new home.  I realized that this purchase was extraordinarily difficult--you more than earned the commission you were paid.  You are a wonderful person and an excellent real estate broker."
John D., attorney
"If anyone in San Francisco ever needs a realtor, you'll get my enthusuastic recommendation.  Thanks for the great job!"
David N., physician
"We wanted to thnk you once again for all the help in buying our first home.  It was wonderful to work with an agent who was so responsive to all our issues and questions."
Erum K, software designer
"You creatively solved problems and provided other support critical to the sale (of my home).  Your interpersonal skills in managing my demands, anxieties and frustruations demonstrated outstanding talent in dealing with difficult people in difficult situations."
Jeremiah G., consultant
"I really appreciate and applaud your skill, dedication and patience.  All of these plus your commitment to quality work are evident.  You so capably handle the myriad details involved in today's real estate transactions, and with such ease."
Regina W., high school principal
"It's a pleasure doing business with you.  You're efficient, competent, trustworthy and more.  Thanks again for all the work you did."
Mary T., retired teacher
"I was always amazed at your knowledge and kindness that you projected in your dealing with myself and the other agent.  Again, thanks for all your help.  You are a great agent!"
Eileen E., airline worker
"Just a quick note to express our appreciation for the courtesy you extended to us during the purchase of our new home.  We felt very welll served by your expertise and flexibility."
Barbara L., librarian
"I want to think you again for yhour time, effort and output.  It makes one feel good to know that there are helping people like you around.  You always take the time for me and I'm grateful."
Claudine S., retired service worker
"Thank you for selling our property so quickly and for all your help and advice through the years."
Frank and Mary R., retired
"You answered all our questions as the transaction kept changing.  After all, you still answered all our questions again and held our hands through it all.  Than you from the bottom of our hearts."
Larry S. and Lindsay C, salesperson
Sue Bowie is the hardest working realtorI know.  She was indefatibable in helping me complete my real estate exchanges.  I greatly value her advice.
Tim J, business owner
Sue Bowie gave us invaluable advice on how to market our property.  Her stager also helped us make importanat adjustment that we feel made a huge difference."
Chris F., landscape architect
"After our property failed to sell with another real estate agent, we called Sue. what a difference experience makes!  She knew exactly what to do and we were so happy with the results."
Morris J, attorney
"Pricing our property seemed critical to the sale.  We are so glad we listened to Sue Bowie  we knew she had the experience we could rely on."
Adrienne and Kent D, nutritionist and contractor
"Sue Bowie and her husband were of tremendous help to me with some of the unforeseen  difficulties that occured during the sale. no other real estate agents would have done what they did."
Ellen B., artistisan
"Sue Bowie made our move that could have been extremely difficult and stressful  if not impossible, happen!  We are so happy in our new home."
Wilma N, retired office worker
Thank you for your hard work and conscientiousness.  I'm particularly appreciative of the many things you did that seemed beyond the call of duty.
Gloria, therapist
"I feel very grateful for your genuine concern throughout.  Your continued thoughtfulness and confidence made all the difference in the world.  Many many thanks."
Barbara K, retired nurse
"You were really there at the times I most needed reassurance and a little prodding. I will certainly recommned you to friends and colleagues."
Lisa Z., psychologist
"Thank you so much for taking care of the sale of my mothers home.  it was such a relief to know that she was in such good hands."
Rich P, contractor
"Sue Bowie worked patiently with us for two years until the conditions were right for us to make the move.  We always felt supported by her."
Bern S. and Ann W., physician and nurse
"For years I have relied on Sue Bowie for the best in real estate expertise and have successfully sold two properties with her.  She's simply the best."
Ernest S, real estate investor
"We loved our home and needed fo find a home we would love even more.  Sue Bowse helped us make our dream come true."
Lauren B, and Jeffrey D, business owner and attorney
"Sue Bowie was able to prepare our property so it showed its best and used multiple marketing approaches to get the best results.  She more than earned her commission."
Jill S, writer